The MetaRNA final symposium: Metabolism on the Single Cell Level

The MetaRNA final symposium titled “Metabolism on the Single Cell Level” will be held at The Francis Crick Institute on July 2nd, 2018. This is the closing event of the MetaRNA consortium, a PhD research-training network funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 program (Marie-Curie actions).
During this one-day symposium, we aim to bring focus to questions in metabolism that require single-cell measurements so the symposium is split into three segments:
(1) The need to study metabolism at the single cell level
(2) The development of methods to observe metabolites within single cells
(3) State-of-the-art applications of metabolite sensors
Please register using the following Eventbrite link:
There will be opportunities for students/postdocs to present posters. In order to be considered please submit your abstract via the eventbrite registration form.
The full programme is shown below. The MetaRNA team look forward to seeing you there!

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