Welcome to the new website for The London Metabolomics Network!  We aim to promote interaction between research groups in the London area with an interest in metabolomics, helping to share knowledge, ideas and resources.  As well as providing a forum for discussion on all metabolomics-related matters the LMN organises networking events to bring people together to learn from each other and encourage collaboration.



  • The LMN Autumn meeting will be held on Friday September 14th, at 6 pm at The Stag pub in Belsize Park (67 Fleet Road, London, NW3 2QU). For information on our next meeting, please see the schedule below, or visit the ‘Upcoming Meetings‘ tab.
  • We are  pleased to announce that we are now teaming up with the Scottish Metabolomics Network. This is part of an ongoing initiative to build a broader network of national and international Metabolomics groupings. You can find out more about the Scottish Metabolomics Network by clicking the link above.


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